The LawFuel Google-Mentioned Law Firm Survey

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – The ‘Google’ exposure for major law firms is a useful, if unscientific instrument to monitor the most prominent law firms in the country. LawFuel’s Google-mentioned law firm survey shows the names one would normally expect at the top of such a survey – Russell McVeagh, Bell Gully, Chapman Tripp and the other big firm names.

“What’s interesting is the rise of the boutique firms like Chen Palmer, which is right up at 18, along with the two Lowndes firms, Quigg Partners, MGF Webb and Mayne Weatherell,” said John Bowie, LawFuel publisher.

“The exposure garnered by these firms is both through deal-flow and their more savvy use of the Net. It’s also interesting in this Google world how events like sponsorships can greatly heighten the profile of firms. The Minter Ellison involvement with the Robin Hood Foundation and similar events, The Chapman Tripp theatre awards, Buddle Findlay’s involvement with the Sargeson Fellowship and Anthony Harper’s art awards greatly heighten firm profile,” he said.

The survey is based on a snapshot of entries under the New Zealand domain search capability of Google search. It is not exhaustive or scientifically accurate. It is not intended to be anything other than a guide of interest, rather than providing any commentary on relative expertise or capability for the firms involved.

The Top LawFuel Google-Mentioned Firms:

1. Russell McVeagh (800),
2. Bell Gully (762),
3. Buddle Findlay (752),
4. Chapman Tripp (735),
5. Simpson Grierson (694),
6. Kensington Swan (640),
7. Minter Ellison Rudd Watts (437),
8. AJ Park (295),
9. Hesketh Henry (240)
10. Glaister Ennor (218),
11. Baldwins (214),
12. Duncan Cotterill (212),
13. James & Wells (192),
<14. Lane Neave (190),
<14. Anderson Lloyd (190),
15. DLA Phillips Fox (187),
16. Gibson Sheat (181),
17. Anthony Harper (160),
<18. Chen Palmer (150),
<18. Meredith Connell (150),
<18. Lowndes Jordan (150),
19. Harkness Henry (145)
<20. Morrison Kent (140),
<20. Lowndes Jordan
21. Lowndes Associates (135),
22. Lane Neave (120),
23. Quigg Partners (110),
<24. Fortune Manning (90),
<24. McCaw Lewis Chapman (90),
25. Mayne Wetherell (60)

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