The Paperless Law Office – Chicago Lawyers Retrieve Medical Records With New Software

Paperless Office the Goal
Robert Goldwater and Associates Increases Efficiency, Lowers Costs with Electronic Personal Medical Records Retrieval

CHICAGO–LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire –Robert Goldwater and Associates (RGA) deals with hundreds of client files and personal medical records. Because of this, they are on a quest to become a paperless office, which resulted in their decision to use RapidRetrieve™, MediConnect Global’s online medical records retrieval and digitization system ( integrated into their case management software—Needles. (

RapidRetrieve allows RGA to:

Order, track, retrieve, and view digitized personal medical records through a secure account on the Internet with the click of a button directly within their Needles case management software. ( or
Eliminate the need to hire an entire department just for personal medical records retrieval.
Create higher efficiency, lower operating costs, and allow case managers to focus on their cases with electronic medical records instead of conducting mundane tasks like managing paper files.
“Utilizing online services and software such as RapidRetrieve cuts our operating costs tremendously,” said Brad Lundeen, managing partner at RGA. “Instead of our people chasing down personal medical records, we let the people of MediConnect do it. Our case managers stay focused on their cases. It creates great efficiency and lower operating costs to have an electronic office.”

RapidRetieve is available at ( or as a web-based service for all types of record retrieval, with a special focus on medical records for the legal and insurance industries.

About Robert Goldwater & Associates

Robert Goldwater & Associates is the law firm with “Tough, Smart” lawyers getting the people of Illinois the money they deserve. The Goldwater system delivers the maximum compensation for injured clients. Experienced, aggressive attorneys teamed with trained investigators, case managers, paralegals, and other experts results in fast, easy, and successful resolution of injury claims. For more information please visit

About MediConnect Global

MediConnect Global, Inc. is the leading medical records retrieval, scanning and storage services provider. MediConnect’s online RapidRetrieve system and patented processes provide medical records to the insurance and legal industries quickly over the Internet in a secure and efficient manner. For more information please visit ( or call (801) 545-3700.

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