The Photo Contest at Fights the Working Routine

The work of a custom writer is not just writing countless papers and completing orders. It is also working with interesting and talented people as well as tons of fun. To prove this simple thesis has decided to introduce some diversity into the life of the company’s employees by arranging a highly creative and fun event: a photo contest among the writers of the company.

“Honestly speaking they are not just employees for me,” says the staff department chief. “They are creative people in the first place and require encouragement of their skills and talents.” “We gave them a break from their endless duties,” adds the CEO. “It is just impossible to write the whole day and think of writing and writing alone.”

Thus, the photo contest was announced a month ago and last week the works of those willing to participate were presented to the public of employees. There were several nominations including “Best Documental Photo”, “Best Portrait” and “Best Representation of Custom Writer’s Job.” To encourage creative activities even further the administration of presented monetary gifts to the winners.

More detailed information on events and services of the company can be found at website or through the customer support service available online 24/7. is a custom writing company that offers the services of professional writers, researchers and other experts to those in need of academic support. The services of include thorough research, writing model papers and editing.

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