The Volume of Unclaimed Money is still on the Rise

There are a lot of celebrities who have unclaimed funds, like 90% of common U.S. residents. According to Inside Edition, some of the wealthiest celebrities have unclaimed funds waiting for them: George Clooney ($180 from Warner Brothers), Jennifer Aniston (a $100 Tiffany store credit), Goldie Hawn ($300, which long time love Kurt Russell says will be given to charity) and comedian Dana Carvey ($800). Even the show’s anchor, Deborah Norville, was told she has an unclaimed outstanding sum from 1997 in an account. Carvey tells Inside Edition he’s just going to leave the money where it is. “I don’t want to put it in the stock market because everything I put in there goes ‘whoop’”

Some other celebrities like Chelsea Clinton, “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky, and Patriots coach Bill Belichick are also the rightful owners of unclaimed funds. This was disclosed by the treasurer, Tim Cahill, in his latest unclaimed money list. Chelsea is owed $832.01 in dividends and liquidations from her shares in Cingular Wireless and AT&T. There’s also $12.50 from Comcast awaiting pick-up as well as a dividend check for $4.92 from Agere Systems. “The Bachelorette’s” Fedotowsky has $178.64 in an old savings account at Hoosac Bank in North Adams.

Another type of celebrity, the Boston Red Sox, have about $18,461 in cashier’s checks from Bank of America. One unclaimed report mentions that pitcher Luis Tiant has an unclaimed payment of $640.51 from Premier Insurance. Coach Belichick has a $300 check from General Electric he never collected for services rendered, and his former linebacker Ted Johnson has $9,320 from Bank of America-Texas waiting for him, as well as $335.62 in other credits and dividends.

Former guard Tony Allen, now with the Memphis Grizzlies, has a $119.83 refund check from Archstone-Smith, a realty trust that owns many Boston apartment buildings. From verifiable sources, Former Boston Symphony Orchestra baton biggie Seiji Ozawa, who left Symphony Hall three years ago to become music director of the Vienna State Opera, has $514.97 owed to him from insurance companies Fireman’s Fund and Blue Cross-Blue Shield. He also has a $64.99 “vendor check” cut by National Public Radio awaiting collection.

Unclaimed money is a common thing for all Americans, not only middle-class, but celebrities also. However, the amounts of unclaimed money might be much smaller. Most Americans have unclaimed money without even knowing it.

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