TI DSP Evaluation Board Avoids Electro-Magnetic Interference

Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded (www.GAOEmbedded.com) has released its TI DSP evaluation board which features on-chip flash program memory, on-chip and extended SRAM, a CAN 2.0 interface and 2kbit serial EEprom. The upgraded module has a 32-bit fixed-point DSP operating at the frequency of 150MHz. The evaluation board offers on-board VL-Bus data/address/control leadout wires and special function pins with leadout wires. It is designed on the basis of TMS320F2812 DSP from Texas Instruments and supports both extended shielded and unshielded interrupt inputs.
This TI DSP evaluation board, model 2812EVM-I, avoids electro-magnetic interference (EMI) to the computing unit by using an independent power supply for A/D sampling. It provides code for testing CCS, PWM, ADC, SPI, SCI, CAN communication, FFT, FC brush/brushless motor and AC motor SPWM and SVOWM. The optimized module with driver and control systems has eight LED status indicators and has two RS232 interfaces for data exchange with a computer.
This 2812EVM-I evaluation board belongs to the product line of TI DSP evaluation board.
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