Britain’s Top Barristers

The Lawyer has pulled out all stops to list their 100 top barristers in Britain – the Bar’s “A List” with an assemblage of legal talent ranting from those who have helped with the development of an Ebola vaccine to holding the government to account for pollution problems.

English Conversation About Law
English Conversation About Law

First up is Richard Boulton QC of One Essex Court – their “marathon man” who has survived five gruelling back-to-back trials from January to June last year (“a very exciting experience”)

Richard Boulton QC is One Essex Court’s marathon man. In 2014, he survived five gruelling back-to-back trials from January to June, which he found a challenging but nevertheless “very exciting” experience.

As The Lawyer reports:

Two of his trials were in London; for another he flew to the US to appear as an expert witness in a case there. He also lived through a three-week hearing in Hong Kong, where he worked six days a week. For Boulton, jet-setting is part of the job, although he admits that there was little in the way of time off to enjoy last year.

But Boulton’s highlight last year was working on JP Morgan rainmaker Ian Hannam’s claim against the Financial Conduct Authority, challenging the FCA’s decision to impose a penalty of £450,000 on him for market abuse based on insider trading. Boulton took on the case for the FCA and his victory in the Upper Tribunal, which saw the fine upheld, was sealed in July 2014.

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