Top Episodes to be Aired on Cable Channel and NEW YORK…

Top Episodes to be Aired on Cable Channel and

NEW YORK, Aug. 1 LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire — It’s the viewer’s turn to call the shots! A&E Network(R) has launched an online viewer’s choice contest for Dog the Bounty Hunter(R) on — letting fans of the hit series decide which episodes will be broadcast online on August 12th and on A&E Network on August 13th.

Viewers can cast their votes from now until August 9th, on the Dog the Bounty Hunter viewer’s choice Web site at Featuring a selection of 10 top episodes, viewers can view clips and choose their two favorites. Dog the
Bounty Hunter follows the world’s most famous bounty hunter, Duane “Dog”
Chapman, as he hits the streets to hunt down real life fugitives with his
wife Beth and fearless posse.

With video clips of Dog in action, fans can preview and vote for
episodes including:
— “Tough Love” – Michael is out on bail for drug sales, theft, and
violation of parole. Dog is after him for failing to appear in court and his only lead is Jen, his co-signer and girlfriend. Dog tries a clever variation of “good cop, bad cop” to win her over.

— “Surprise Ending” – Dog and the boys are going after a fugitive with a serious price tag. Dog is determined to put this fugitive behind bars.
To get the job done, he’ll find himself on an unusual journey before an unexpected tip leads to a surprising finish.

— “Your Lying Eyes” – With love this strong it isn’t easy for the team to get the truth. So their pursuit on this case takes them into some parts of Oahu, and the human heart, that few of us will ever see.

— “Guns & Ice” – Dog’s got a twofer on his hands, but the cases couldn’t be more different. The first is a woman whose family wants her back in jail; the other is a former choirboy whose family ties are strong.

The top two episodes will air on A&E on Monday, August 13th at 9PM/10C.

The third place episode will be available anytime you want, for the first
time ever, online starting on August 12th. Cast your vote now at!

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