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13.March 2009
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Zurich, Switzerland; March 13, 2009 – The world’s leading alternative supplier of aseptic packaging materials to Tetra PakTM filling machines announced the establishment of its European headquarters in the Swiss city of Winterthur, Greater Zurich Area, earlier this week.
Over the past 5 years Tralin Pak has expanded from servicing a small domestic customer base, to supplying close to 3 billion carton packages annually to customers operating Tetra PakTM filling machines in China, Europe, Russia, and Latin America. Starting immediately, the China-based private company will run and grow its European operations from here.
Winterthur, a thriving urban location with a long tradition of industrial
manufacturing is situated in the heart of the Greater Zurich Area.

Excellent access to the European rail and road infrastructure and the immediate vicinity of Zurich Unique Airport just outside of downtown Zurich made Winterthur the location of choice for Tralin Pak’s European office.

Tralin Pak is the third largest supplier of aseptic packages in the world. The Chinabased private company is controlled by leading financial institutions from USA and Hong Kong, and by the Tralin Paper Group. With extended production facilities in Shandong Province, Southeast of Beijing, and with a state of the art mega-factory in Inner Mongolia, China, Tralin Pak expects its production capacity to reach 12
billion packs annually in 2009.

Peder Berggren, CEO Tralin Pak Europe Gmbh: “The opening of our Winterthur office marks a strategic move by Tralin Pak to tap the potential of the European market: Europe is by far the world’s single most important market for aseptic
packaging, and we have been experiencing rapid growth in EU lately. Like in many other markets, we see dairy and beverage customers in Europe are more than eager to reap the benefits of what a value-priced alternative can bring to this closely controlled market. Switzerland’s Greater Zurich Area is the perfect location to take on the European challenge.“

Urs Tobler, Director Asia, Greater Zurich Area AG: “Already early on during the expansion process, Tralin Pak was very clear about their needs for a European Headquarters: a state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent European and global travel options, functional and efficiently priced real estate. I was very confident that the Greater Zurich Area could address those needs effortlessly. We are very
honored to have Tralin Pak here.”

Michael Domeisen, Director Location Promotion Winterthur Region: “In recent decades, we have had the chance to restructure Winterthur as a highly efficient and greatly functional business location within the Greater Zurich Area. This region offers a competitive tax environment, great quality of life, high-level infrastructure
and e-readiness, as well as a wealth of homegrown and international talent eager to work. We are thrilled that Winterthur’s winning combination of those advantages has been a match for Tralin Pak.“


Tralin Pak:
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Tralin Pak Europe GmbH
Peder Berggren, CEO Tralin Pak Europe GmbH
Tel.: +41 76 230 30 40, [email protected]
Greater Zurich Area AG
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Tel.: +41 44 254 59 07, [email protected]
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Standortförderung Region Winterthur Michael Domeisen, Geschäftsführer Standortförderung Region Winterthur
Tel.: +41 52 267 67 97, [email protected]
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