Treidr com a free classifieds website has launched their US classified section has announced the launch of their US classifieds section. The site allows users to post free adsfor jobs, cars, apartments – essentially anything.

Four key elements of Treidr’s model is making it popular amongst Internet users:

• A simple and intuitive interface
• A focus on social networks
• Anti-spamming protections
• A platform to help cash-strapped consumers generate extra income

Simple, Free, and Easy to Use is simple, free, and easy to use. Users can create their own dashboard where they can advertise products & services and track the results. The site allows sellers to create their own personalized marketplace, where they can put up items for sale, pro-actively reach out to customers, and negotiate transactions. Users can search or post by geography and browse by classified categories.

Tapping social networks to expand sellers’ marketing reach leverages social networks to expand the size and scope of the marketplace for buyers and sellers. Sellers of services will find this particularly attractive, as Treidr provides what are essentially ads for free. Added exposure through social networks also improves consumers’ chances of finding the right product or service at the right price.

Anti-spamming protection
Treidr provides various anti-spamming protections for its community of users, which is of upmost importance for both online buyers and sellers. In particular, the site has developed a proprietary community flagging tool, which allows users to directly moderate the site content without administrative intervention. By doing so, offers its users a web community-regulated ad publishing website.

Aiding consumers during continued economic uncertainty
As many people continue to face economic uncertainty, sophisticated users of Treidr’s can generate a significant amount of income selling goods from the comfort of their home, without the additional costs associated with commuting. Consumers are tightening their belts and many people are discovering that placing classifieds for unwanted household items can help generating a bit of extra income.

By providing a simple, easy-to-use interface that leverages social networks and allowing its own users to directly moderate the site content, the free classifieds websiteis becoming an increasingly popular advertising and selling platform for buyers and sellers alike.

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