TrueView Vignettes Offers Cost-Effective, Powerful Business Developm…

TrueView Vignettes Offers Cost-Effective, Powerful Business Development Vehicle

WELLESLEY, Mass.– LAWFUEL – Law Jobs, Law News Network –Legal Insight Media, Inc., an interactive marketing services company for law firms, today introduced TrueView Vignettes, 60-second videos designed to convey the individual personalities of lawyers. The videos, which are typically displayed on firms’ websites, provide an effective and affordable way for small law firms to enhance their business development efforts.

“Many small firms have websites, but until now it hasn’t been economical for them to truly leverage the power of the Web,” said Peter Marx, president of Legal Insight Media. “TrueView Vignettes enable them to quickly and cost-effectively create Web-based videos that communicate what it would be like to work with particular lawyers at their firm. A TrueView Vignette helps to establish the critical comfort factor that is so important in the lawyer/client relationship.”

Legal Insight recently established relationships with the New York City Bar Association and the New Jersey State Bar Association to make TrueView Vignettes available as a benefit to association members. Each association has more than 20,000 members.

“We know that clients select lawyers, not just because of their legal expertise, but also because of who they are as people,” said Bill Schankel, Director of Membership Development for the New Jersey State Bar Association. “Legal Insight offers our smaller members a business development vehicle they’ve never had before, a way to showcase their personality on the Web.”

“I was amazed at how much I was able to convey in just one minute,” said Vanessa Kelly, partner in the small firm Schwartz Kelly, LLC and a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association. “Client feedback on these videos has been terrific.” Schwartz Kelly’s TrueView Vignettes can be found on its website at:

TrueView Vignettes are recorded by phone so lawyers never have to leave their offices, and it typically takes them less than 30 minutes for the interview. Because TrueView Vignettes are unscripted, they bring out a lawyer’s authentic voice. TrueView Vignettes can include a lawyer’s views on a variety of topics, including the firm’s services, client service or areas of the law. The videos feature a photo of the lawyer with highlighted quotes from his or her remarks. TrueView Vignettes differ from Legal Insight’s flagship TrueView videos, which are longer, use a variety of graphics and feature multiple speakers.

TrueView Vignettes are currently being offered at an introductory price of $1,450. Legal Insight hosts the TrueView Vignette at no additional charge and provides a link to play it that is easily pasted onto a firm’s website.

About Legal Insight Media

Legal Insight Media, Inc. is a marketing services company that helps law firms differentiate themselves using electronic media. The company produces TrueView Web videos and TrueView Vignettes that enhance a firm’s marketing, practice development and recruiting efforts. TrueViews authentically convey the unique character and culture of a firm and its attorneys. They can be displayed on the Web, within PowerPoint, in e-mails and on handheld devices including iPods. Legal Insight offers a full range of online media from podcasts to TV-quality Web videos.

Legal Insight and TrueView are service marks of Legal Insight Media, Inc. Other companies and products mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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