in’s “Green Code”: Making Eco-Friendly Choices a Matter of Staff Honor staffers will be foregoing Styrofoam, plastic, cellophane, and perpetually humming computers in their adherence to our new “Green Code”. Like Samurai warriors of old Japan, we will hold it as a matter of honor to make ecologically sound choices around the workplace. “Have your coffee in your own cup” will henceforth be the office motto. We expect this to save money individually and corporately. Naturally, all savings will go directly into strengthening our technology, and writer resources.

Our staff has additional varied options for conserving electricity and reducing non-renewable resource use. For example, employees can bring lunch in a re-usable container, rather than a purchased entree with several layers of packaging. We can turn off desk lights when leaving, and power down all electronics and peripherals. Additionally, we can also dress for the weather so the office thermostat can remain on an energy-saving setting. We have been encouraging staff to use public transportation for some time now, and we continue to support folks who make that choice. Some of these items will save us money personally, and others will positively affect the bottom line. has made a point of going green in many phases of our operations. You can catch up on all our previous efforts, and review the services we offer, on our website, at

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Our “Green Code” is an extension of our overall commitment to good corporate citizenship. We’ve built our business by providing reliable professional academic support to customers all over the world. If you have a writing challenge that is troubling you, we have the writers and editors to help you Sponsors Art History Seminars to Stimulate and Inspire Our Writers Wants Your Input on Needs: Survey Will Address Global Customer Base