Version 5.0 of’s Plagiarism Checking Tools Will Prevent Uncited Paraphrasing

The ability to change and evolve is considered as a key factor for a successful business. Unfortunately, this is not always true for the custom writing niche market, since the demand for writing services is always high and many companies see no reason for constant self-development. The good news is that this is not the case of Recently,’s plagiarism detection software has celebrated its version 5.0 release, which bring a new dimension to our plagiarism checking techniques and methods.

“It’s a well known fact that plagiarism software usually catches only blatant word-by-word copying, with some minor additions and improvements. Almost no plagiarism checking tools can detect paraphrasing. We’re don’t want to sound excessively optimistic but it seems we’ve managed to create a tool that detects paraphrasing.”

This is what the lead programmer of says. By comparing the arrays of significant words in a suspicious sentence and a sentence from the source the new plagiarism checking software can detect even those instances of plagiarism that involving heavy paraphrasing. Even the very basic tests, which included texts intentionally paraphrased by’s editors, reveal that the efficiency of the company’s new software is rather high.

“Certainly, there are things to be tweaked and altered to improve our new technologies,” the CEO of says. “But hey, it’s only version 5.0! We’ll introduce new modules, it’s a certainty. Even now our quality assurance techniques are much more reliable then elsewhere or previously. So, we encourage you to order academic papers with us.” You can perform this simple process at

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