W. Randy Eaddy, Kilpatrick Stockton partner and Chair of the firm’s Di…

W. Randy Eaddy, Kilpatrick Stockton partner and Chair of the firm’s Diversity Council, has completed a recent supplement to the well-known 2000 chapter on “Diversity” in the West Group multi-volume treatise Successful Partnership Between Inside and Outside Counsel. Marion Cowell, presently a Kilpatrick Stockton attorney, co-authored the original chapter with Mr. Eaddy while serving as General Counsel of First Union National Bank.

“Strategies to achieve meaningful diversity in the legal arena continue to evolve, and the challenges being encountered are so substantial that I felt compelled to provide updated information and resources again this year,” said Randy Eaddy. “This year’s supplement, along with the one I did in 2002, address key strategies and issues that will help law firms and corporate legal departments successfully develop and launch a diversity program. As importantly, however, they focus on techniques for achieving sustainable, long-term success, and on how inside and outside counsel can help each other.”

Highlights of the supplement include Mr. Eaddy’s in-depth analysis of how the United States Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action in Grutter v. Bollinger relates to diversity initiatives by law firms and corporate legal departments. The supplement outlines new resources and provides guidance on effective tools for implementing a strategic action plan. Also, Mr. Eaddy gives insight on the impact of proactive mentoring of diversity attorneys and advice for hiring professional diversity consultants.

The new supplement to the chapter will be available on November 13.

W. Randy Eaddy is a partner and practices in Kilpatrick Stockton’s Corporate Group, where he is Chair of the Group’s Securities Team and also a leader of the firm’s Corporate Governance and Special Counsel Services Team. Mr. Eaddy’s practice includes particular emphasis on registered securities offerings, venture capital financings, mergers and acquisitions and other project transactions, as well as corporate governance and securities law compliance matters for public companies. He is a counselor and advisor to executives and directors on myriad strategic issues for managing their businesses to produce value for their internal and external constituents. He has been listed for several years in The Best Lawyers in America® for Corporate Law.

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