WASHINGTON- LAWFUEL – Law News Network -June 22, 2006–New Yorkers d…

WASHINGTON- LAWFUEL – Law News Network -June 22, 2006–New Yorkers do not need to hire a lawyer for their uncontested legal needs, including wills, living trusts, immigration forms, no fault divorces, business incorporations and bankruptcies. Instead, they can visit a new online directory from the National Association of Legal Document Preparers (NALDP)–http://www.naldp.org–to find a legal document preparer near them.

Legal document preparers, also called legal document assistants and independent paralegals, are non-lawyers who may lawfully fill out, file and prepare legal documents on behalf of litigants who choose to exercise their constitutional right to represent themselves.

“The launch of this directory comes at a critical time. As more and more consumers take part in the do-it-yourself movement in the U.S., they realize they can also take care of their uncontested legal needs without using the costly services of an attorney. The NALDP directory is a tremendous resource for New Yorkers who are seeking affordable assistance in the preparation of their legal documents,” said Lizanne Sadlier, Director of NALDP.

Access to legal assistance is a nationwide problem. According to the American Bar Association (ABA), each year 38 million low and moderate income Americans are closed out of the civil justice system. The ABA Journal also quotes a study that estimates consumers could save more than $1.3 billion per year by using independent paralegals for four routine tasks: uncomplicated divorces, wills, bankruptcies and business incorporations.

“Search for a Legal Document Provider Near You” is located on the NALDP homepage. Visitors can type in their state or zip code and get the names and contact information of the legal document preparers closest to them.


National Association of Legal Document Preparers, Inc., based in Washington, D.C., is a non-profit organization formed to give a voice and a national forum to the growing number of legal document preparers, legal technicians, online legal document providers and independent paralegals across the country. We are a grassroots network dedicated to the principle that all citizens have a constitutional right to represent themselves; and, in exercising that right, they have affordable access to efficient, effective and ethical legal document preparation services. In addition to those professionals working directly with legal documents, our membership includes public policy, education and consumer advocacy professionals who share a commitment to the principles of NALDP. More information is available at http://www.naldp.org.

* To speak to legal document provider or consumers who have received legal document assistance in New York, contact Beth Parker or Matt Bado.

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