WASHINGTON, March 19 LAWFUEL – International Law — The …

WASHINGTON, March 19 LAWFUEL – International Law — The following is a statement by the White House Press Secretary:

Today, President Bush and Prime Minister Maliki consulted via
videoconference on implementation of the Baghdad Security Plan,
particularly joint efforts to bring security to the Iraqi population. The
Prime Minister underscored his government’s effort to implement the
security plan in an even- handed manner and the importance of strengthening the Iraqi security forces. He underlined his commitment to advance national reconciliation and promote key legislation on debathification and
hydrocarbons to ensure that all Iraqis committed to peace can benefit from a stable, prosperous, democratic Iraq.

President Bush welcomed these commitments and reaffirmed his support
for the Prime Minister and the Government of Iraq as it acts to pursue
these objectives. The two leaders agreed to remain in close contact.

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