WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 LAWFUEL – Law News, Law Jobs — The follow…

WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 LAWFUEL – Law News, Law Jobs — The following is a statement of Craig Schelske’s legal team:

“Today Mr. Schelske has formally responded to the allegations of Ms.
Evans’ Petition for Divorce with several court filings.

He has demanded retractions of those allegations, an apology and that
the further spreading of false information be stopped immediately.

He has requested that his wife and her attorneys immediately reveal
what factual basis they had to make such vicious and untrue allegations.

Believing that they have no adequate factual basis for the outrageous
claims, he has requested that sanctions be imposed under law and that the
allegations be stricken from the record.

This will be his first legal step to clear his name and reputation. It will not be his last. He will take whatever steps are necessary in the
future to repair the harm done to his reputation and to protect his three
children in any way he can.”

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