Watch Who Helps A Young Boy Face His Abuser in Court

Bikers are apt to pick up some unusual ’causes’ in their day-to-day activities of making a lot of noise, dealing drugs and whatever else they get up to.

However, judging a book by its cover can also be a difficult concept to grasp and when the bikers set up their Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) in the United States their PR team – do they hire such people? – struck gold with an outpouring of good publicity.

BACA sees victims of child abuse being protected to help them restore confidence.  The more cynical may perhaps say it is purely to secure a more positive image for the tough-guy Sons of Anarchy image of bikers.

They will also accompany the victims to court – and having a bunch of leather-clad tough guys in the front row when you’re facing your abuser is certainly something of a confidence-booster.

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