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Barking Mad Out Silverstream Way
<a href= LawFuel Legal Jobswire BlogsWellington lawyer Ian McCulloch has received the order to kill his mutts. Ian got offside with his neighbour over his barking dogs. Ian’s a very pleasant, if somewhat Dickensian character who collects old vehicles, old Martinborough villas and, evidently, old dogs. I recall an encounter with him several years ago when I had taken my then seven-year-old son to a late afternoon film. The cinema was empty and we took a couple of seats, whereupon Ian, of all people, arrived with his wife. Upon inspecting his tickets, he noted that the two of us, out of about 300 seats, had taken his.

More recently I spent what seemed about a day following him in one of his classic cars over the winding Rimutaka road. I suspect the real issue here with these dogs is that Ian lives in Silverstream, an odd, dark place where strange things happen to odd people. We shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. I spent several months out that way once and it was the worst period in my life.

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