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What’s the Future of Contact Tracing in New Zealand – The Privacy Implications

Karen Ngan, Simpson Grierson – “Contact tracing” is one of the phrases Covid-19 has introduced into our everyday vernacular and even our legislation. Most New Zealand businesses, including retail stores, malls, cafes, cinemas and gyms, are now able to operate if they comply with public health guidelines, including the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Alert Level 2) Order 2020.

One of the requirements imposed by the Order is for businesses to keep records to enable contact tracing. The question now is how do we effectively contact trace on national scale, which practicably
means digitally, while keeping within our current regulatory regime?

In this article, we comment on the data privacy issues involved, and look at what the public sector or any business looking to develop or implement digital contact tracing solutions should consider.

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