Why Get Caught Drink Driving When $29.95 Could Save You The Grief? – FirstIn.co.nz Breathalyser

Website FirstIn.co.nz Offers Kiwi Drivers A Drink-Driving Deal

FirstIn.co.nz – A miniature drink driving breathalyser could save hundreds of kiwis the agony and potential dangers accompanying drink driving this Christmas season.

FirstIn.co.nz, an e-commerce website, is seeing the small cellphone-sized breath analysers ‘march out the door’ as kiwis seek to avoid the dangers of Police blitzs and Police prosecutions.

The small readers usually sell for almost $80 but are being cleared by Firstin.co.nz for under $30.

They provide a clear digital display as well as audio alerts if the user is ‘over the limit’.

“We are clearing stock and if we can do that and provide motorists with the security of knowing they’re driving safely, then we think we’re helping everyone,” said Adam Brown, a FirstIn.co.nz director.

“They’re highly effective, although we don’t sell them as legally guaranteed compliance devices,” he said. “They’re intended as a fast yet sophisticated guide towards breath alcohol device.”

Last weekend Police caught 335 drivers who were over the limit, out of over 52,000 vehicles stopped across the country.

Those stopped face prosecution

Police national operations manager for road policing inspector Carey Clements said the latest operation was the fourth of the year. A total of more than 150,000 drivers had been stopped with 1163 being over the limit.

“Those figures indicate that for every 1000 cars we stop, approximately eight are being driven by drunk drivers. These rates simply continue.” Mr Clements said.

Statistics show that drivers at the legal blood-alcohol limit of 80mg of alcohol per litre of breath were 16 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than a sober driver, while in 2006, alcohol and drugs played a role in a third of all fatal crashes.

About FirstIn.co.nz
FirstIn.co.nz is New Zealand’s premiere ‘one-day deal’ website, specialising in mainly electronic devices, but also recreational, sporting, apparel and related products. The website offers the best prices available on the products it sells, which now also include a “Dutch auction” whereby usually higher-price products like televisions and similar products reduce in price until a buyer steps in to confirm a sale.

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