WILMINGTON, Del., Dec. 19 – LAWFUEL- The Law News Network — Co…

WILMINGTON, Del., Dec. 19 – LAWFUEL- The Law News Network — Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz LLP prevails on behalf of Pfizer in one of the most widely publicized and
economically significant patent cases. Connolly Bove successfully protected
Pfizer’s patent rights to Lipitor(R), the biggest selling drug in the world.
Building on decades of landmark patent litigation decisions, the Firm once
again has proven its ongoing capability to safeguard its clients’ most
precious asset: their intellectual property.

Connolly Bove is one of America’s leading law firms in the intellectual
property field. Protecting patents and other intellectual property in an
increasingly competitive and globalized economy is at the heart of Connolly
Bove’s successful practice. The Firm has recently announced the opening of
its new office in Los Angeles, California, enabling it to provide first tier
representation in intellectual property matters to clients throughout that
State. Separately, the Firm has added an International Trade Commission
practice and first chair litigation group to its Washington, D.C. office,
expanding the Firm’s reach into Courts in the District of Columbia, Maryland
and Virginia.


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