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WILMINGTON, Del.– LAWFUEL – Legal News Network –HyPower Fuel Inc. (OTCPK:HYPF) is pleased to announce that it has retained the services of renown patent attorney, Mr. Robert Shaver of Dykas Shaver & Nipper, LLP to commence work on a process patent for its newly developed high-efficiency electrolyzer.

The H2 Reactor is an electrolyzer that uses a unique process of electrolysis to create hydrogen and oxygen gases from water. After extensive technical research and development work with its joint venture partner, HyPower believes that the H2 Reactor’s electrolysis process is technologically the most efficient to date with an unprecedented ratio of 1 liter of hydrogen production to an electrical input of 1 watt hour. This is approximately 2 to 2.5 times more efficient than the current state of the competing technology.

“This is a very big development for HyPower and for the electrolyzer market in general! After extensive testing we believe this process is a major breakthrough in the hydrogen production sector. In addition to hydrogen production this process can be adapted to create an on board, on demand system to power vehicles as well,” said Mr. Doug Bender, President of HyPower.

Hydrogen is currently used extensively to make ammonia, methanol, gasoline, heating oil, and rocket fuel. It is also used to make fertilizers, glass, refined metals, vitamins, cosmetics, semiconductor circuits, soaps, lubricants, cleaners, and even margarine and peanut butter. Hydrogen can be used to fuel today’s internal combustion engine vehicles and tomorrow’s fuel-cell vehicles. Hydrogen could also replace today’s natural gas for heating and cooling homes and powering hot water heaters.

“With our current HPP product now being introduced in the market as a hydrogen insertion device, development of the H2 Reactor is the next logical step for HyPower to become a hydrogen producer” Mr. Bender added.

About HyPower Fuel, Inc.:

HyPower Fuel, Inc. is a category leading company in the energy technology sector, focusing on providing innovative alternative energy through hydrogen production and hydrogen related products. HyPower has successfully commercialized the integration of hydrogen production and hydrogen insertion technologies using electrolysis to improve the overall performance and efficiency of the internal combustion engine while burning gasoline, diesel, natural gas, liquid propane, ethanol, methanol or a combination of fossil fuels and biofuels. HyPower’s signature product, the Hydro Power Pak (HPP), has demonstrated a significant impact on the performance of engines while at the same time increasing fuel economy, significantly reducing harmful emissions, inducing a cleaner more efficient burn, and increasing torque and horsepower. The HPP results in greater productivity, less carbon residue and sludge build-up and overall increased operating efficiency. HyPower is also engaged in the research and development of hydrogen production technology and biofuel products.

For more information please contact Investor Relations at (973) 351-3868 or visit: www.hypowerfuel.com.

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