Wolf Popper LLP Announces ERISA Investigation of the Lehman Brothers Savings Plan

NEW YORK, June 16, 2008 (LAWFUEL) — Wolf Popper LLP
(www.wolfpopper.com) announces that it has commenced an investigation
of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (“Lehman Brothers” or the “Company”)
(NYSE:LEH) for potential violations of the Employee Retirement Income
Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”). The investigation focuses on
investments in Lehman Brothers stock made by the Lehman Brothers
Savings Plan (the “Plan”) during the period September 2006 to the

Wolf Popper’s investigation centers on whether Lehman Brothers and
other administrators and fiduciaries of the Plan may have breached
their ERISA-mandated fiduciary duties of loyalty and prudence to
participants and beneficiaries of the Plan. Such a breach may have
occurred if the fiduciaries failed to manage the assets of the Plan
prudently and loyally, by investing the assets in Company stock at a
time when it was no longer a prudent investment for participants’
retirement savings. In particular, Lehman Brothers and the Plan’s other
fiduciaries continued to invest in and hold Lehman Brothers stock in
the Plan, despite Lehman Brothers’ apparent mismanagement of the risk
of assets held by the Company and gross failure to maintain adequate
capital and liquidity, which has, among other things, recently resulted
in the removal of its CFO and COO.

If you are a participant in the Lehman Brothers Savings Plan or held
Lehman Brothers stock in the Plan during the period September 2006 to
the present, and you wish to discuss this action or have any questions
concerning this notice or your rights or interests, you may contact
attorneys James Kelly-Kowlowitz or Marian Rosner at 212-451-9635 (or
toll free at 877-370-7703), or via email at [email protected]

In business for over 60 years, Wolf Popper LLP has extensive experience
representing shareholders, including retirement plan investors, in
class actions, and has successfully recovered billions of dollars in
securities actions. The firm currently serves as co-lead counsel in a
class action ERISA lawsuit against Citigroup Inc., alleging similar
claims to those alleged here against Lehman Brothers.

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