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WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. – LAWFUEL – Press Release Service – Darren Kavinoky, founding partner of California criminal defense firm The Kavinoky Law Firm, has been named a Southern California Super Lawyer Rising Star by Los Angeles Magazine for the second year in a row.

Each year, Los Angeles Magazine announces the top 2.5 percent of attorneys in Los Angeles and Orange counties. In order to determine which lawyers will qualify for the prestigious award, a ballot is mailed to all Southern California Super Lawyers asking them to nominate lawyers who they’ve personally observed. In addition, the candidates are interviewed and evaluated for professional achievements and peer recognition, and their professional records are reviewed to verify good standing with the State Bar of California. Finally, candidates are divided by firm size and city. Top candidates from each category are selected as Rising Stars.

“It’s truly an honor to be recognized for my work,” said Kavinoky. “I enjoy what I do so much, and it’s amazing that my peers like and respect my work enough to choose me for this award. And, to be chosen as a Rising Star two years in a row is such a blessing.”

Kavinoky does not take all the credit for this award, however. He stresses that his success is due, in great part, to the other attorneys at his firm. In fact, Kavinoky personally recruited each lawyer and trained each of them to work together on cases. Every case that comes through the door is reviewed by at least three attorneys. “It’s important to review and re-review cases in order to really find every possible defense for each client,” said Kavinoky. “Teamwork is the reason the firm has such an outstanding success rate.”

He attributes some of his accomplishments to excellent client satisfaction and open communication between attorneys and clients. He feels that these are largely-overlooked areas in the legal field. At Kavinoky’s insistence, each client receives the personal cell phone number of the attorney representing him or her. “The clients love getting cell phone numbers,” said Kavinoky. “I get several calls a week from clients thanking me for actually communicating with them.”

In addition to gaining renown for his Rising Star status, Kavinoky has defended numerous high-profile clients, has developed key relationships with media leaders and has earned public support for clients through effective television and radio appearances. He has provided commentary regarding various legal issues on The Today Show, Larry King Live and Prime Time Justice, as well as many local television news and radio programs.

Kavinoky has been practicing law for 13 years, and he has focused on criminal defense since graduating from law school. In 2001 he started his own firm and his been hiring attorneys and opening offices with regularity ever since. The Kavinoky Law Firm currently has offices in Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Pasadena, Newport Beach, San Diego and San Francisco.

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