Work-Life Balance And Law Jobs – Never The Twain Shall Meet?

<a href= Law Jobs Pipeline The good old State Bar of New York has come out with a work/life balance report that shows that the holy grail of work/life balance is as elusive as ever, with lawyers missing out on the chance to play a part not only in the community, but also in their own families.

The report paints a gloomy picture. Lawyers remained upbeat about their choice of profession but less so when it came to talking about the inflexibility of their work schedules and sheers hours spent at the office.

Although email and the Internet provided greater efficiencies, they also lead to greater pressure – the pressure of being on-call 24/7, 365 days a year.

The answer? The recommendations incuded:

permitting greater flexibility in hours worked by implementing programs better suited to the lawyers’ work

– educate lawyers better about the expectations upon them when they enter the profession so they don’t labor under any illusions

– greater education on stress- and time-management

– establishing ‘boundaries’ as to when lawyers should be contactable.

The committee is also looking at the position with small firms who have less flexibility and are also to look at court schedules and flexibility that might be offered there.

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