Works of Famous Artists at Blending Writing and Painting in One

Catching the Muse is a tedious business; every worker of creative occupations will tell you this. It is even more tedious for a custom writer since they follow a fixed working schedule and the consequences of not meeting the deadline can be dire for their client. The management of knows what sufferings were experienced in past times for the purpose of luring such a fastidious being as the Muse. Thus, company management decided to help the employees of by introducing the works of classical artists into the writer’s offices.

“We approached every custom writer,” tells the chief of the staff department, “and asked them to choose their most favorite painting they would like to see on the walls of their office. Who would have thought that our writers appear to be such connoisseurs of visual arts?”

Nevertheless, the staff department of tried to find a copy of every requested painting and even had to order several of them to be painted additionally since not all of the works were easy to find. After a bit pompous but still funny ceremony these paintings were hoisted in the offices of every company writer. “It is not a question of aesthetics,” the CEO of the company has told us, “we hope it will prove an endless source of inspiration for our writers as well as a means of psychological relaxation for them.”

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