World Services Group (WSG) is pleased to announce that the Citco gro…

World Services Group (WSG) is pleased to announce that the Citco group of trust companies ( has joined the World Services Group (WSG) as a WSG member in 27 countries. Founded in 1940, the Citco Group has rapidly become the world’s largest provider of corporate and trust services with 27 companies located throughout Europe, Asia, The Americas including the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean.

Tim Powers, WSG Chair and a partner at Haynes & Boone said, “We are pleased to welcome Citco as the member for international corporate, trust and fiduciary services. Geographically, they are represented in every major market around the world. Our members will greatly benefit from Citco’s comprehensive range of services and extensive expertise.”

Citco serves a diverse client base, which includes multinational companies, financial institutions, international real estate investors and high net worth individuals, among others. Citco will work with their professional advisors -law firms, accountants and financial advisors- to identify the optimal planning solutions.

Other Citco Companies** provide fund administration and shareholder services, fund advisory services, custodial banking services as well as international pension services, together employing over 1,800 employees on a global basis.

*Citco refers to affiliated companies to The Citco Group Limited specializing in fiduciary services


More about World Services Group

World Services Group (WSG) is the world’s largest and leading network of independent elite professional services firms and companies. WSG is built on the expertise and professional experience of each of the 17,700+ professionals at its 136 members. Members are able to: transparently access other member’s professionals to enhance client services; offer clients a complete palette of services for any transaction; instantly share experiences, new developments and other leading-edge information; and assist clients to capitalize on new business opportunities. Members offer clients comprehensive solutions.

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