Writing-Services.org Hires an Accession Specialist to Help Ensure Only the Best in References

Writing-Services.org is taking the task of acquiring new reference materials a lot more seriously now. “We simply must,” says the Writing-Services.org research manager. “The volume of new releases swamps us completely. We can’t keep track of what our writers need urgently, versus what purchases we can postpone. We even make duplicate purchases accidentally sometimes, which is a waste of everyone’s resources!”

Back in the era of quill and parchment, every new book, whether for reference or for recreation, was a work of art, perhaps requiring a lifetime to create. Only the exceedingly wealthy and powerful owned books (or could read).

Consider Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc du Berry, an exquisitely illustrated 15th Century prayer book, commissioned for a French nobleman. Other such bibliophilic treasures were collected by purchasing agents from all over Europe for the very, very rich.

The reference works used by the writers at Writing-Services.org hardly rank as treasures of Western civilization, but we value them nonetheless. We are now according them the respect they deserve by taking on-board an acquisitions specialist to help us make informed purchases of research materials.

Hundreds of academic books and reference works are published yearly. New databases and new indexes also come on the market. The process of deciding which to acquire has outstripped Writing-Services.org management’s capacity long ago, and we are finally addressing this!

Our new colleague will monitor all new releases, and recommend purchase choices. Acquiring the best of the newest each year will certainly ensure that our writers stay at the cutting edge of their specialties.

You can take advantage of our writers’ increasing expertise by clicking on our website, http://writing-services.org. We have customer support personnel on hand to discuss your needs with you 24/7, whether by phone or online.

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