Writing-Services.org Staff Urged To Use Public Transit: France’s Oil Crisis Is Inspiration

Writing-Services.org management responds to the fuel crisis in France by asking employees to use public transit. As always, Writing-Services.org takes the eco-friendly approach.

Writing-Services.org staffers are online all the time, and it’s been impossible to avoid the news stories about France’s blockade-stalled economy. This situation starkly reveals how dangerously dependent we are on oil. To acknowledge this reality, Writing-Services.org management has sent out a call for employees to use public transport, bikes, car pools, ride shares, foot power, and even those nifty Segueways, to get to work.

Although the fuel shortages in France are largely human-caused, the situation demonstrates how effortlessly our modern society can be hobbled by any restriction on fossil fuel supply. Writing-Services.org has been a consistent innovator in greening our operations and encouraging healthy practices. This is another in a long series of eco-conscious initiatives.

The practicalities of this plea by Writing-Services.org management will have to be worked out over time. What about a subsidy? What about a shower? What about accommodating latenesses early departures?

Writing-Services.org will start by setting out transit schedules, honoring public transit users, creating a ride-sharing message board, and accommodating employees who have to leave at a certain time. We also can arrange for some rudimentary hosing-off arrangement outside, at least in the near term.

Writing-Services.org tries to ‘walk the walk’ literally and figuratively, with regard to the environment and health of our employees. There is more information about Writing-Services.org’s other groundbreaking eco-actions at http://writing-services.org, and you can contact us through that site as well.

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