Writing-Services.org Writers to Learn Stress Reduction Techniques from Psychologists

Writing-Services.org management has taken a step to alleviate some of the downside effects of academic writing pressure by hiring two professionals in the field of psychology. These two will present training classes in mental relaxation, and stress reduction. Our writers will have the chance to learn to use all the known tools for calming the mind and amending the messages that the brain sends to the body. Writing-Services.org hopes our writers will be thereby better prepared to assist our customers through hectic periods.

Writing-Services.org writers deal with a fairly brutal schedule year-round. During crunch times, the deadlines get shorter and shorter, and the projects get more and more complicated. Often, our writers are helping a customer integrate and synthesize ideas from several months of reading and lectures and research. The stress, obviously, is intense. Our two new associates will lead our writers step by step through several proven techniques for calming the mind and the body. We may subsequently find writers meditating, or knitting, or using the punching bag to ventilate some frustration, or pursuing other odd-looking practices. All are based on sound research. We fully expect a calmer atmosphere in the office, as a result, and enhanced writer productivity.

Writing-Services.org has a history of trying almost anything constructive to support our writers. There are past news stories about Writing-Services.org’s writer experience enhancements at http://writing-services.org.

About Us:

We value our writers here at Writing-Services.org. Without our professional team of writers and editors and their rich and varied backgrounds, we could not assist so many customers with such a range of problems. Our writing staff is flexible and responsive. Innovations like the one described above help them remain so.

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