www.nethosting.com/products/DedicatedHosting Offering Mark IV – An Ultimate Dedicated Solution For Business Growth

Orem, Utah, Date: www.nethosting.com/products/DedicatedHosting is offering Mark IV, the latest and most robust dedicated server hosting package equipped with an outstanding support module and is a highly compatible platform.

Nethosting.com brings Dedicated Hosting Servers that allows the customers to rent a server packaged with flexi-control and efficient support systems. The client can run the website having complete control over their server including Operating System, Hardware, RAM, Hard Disk and Backups. Nethosting.com also provides a comprehensive hardware support whereby the client controls the server while the hardware support is provided by Nethosting.com.

The dedicated hosting packages are operational within minutes and the support services are comparable to none in the business. For a business set on the runway of growth, www.nethosting.com´s Mark IV is the perfect dedicated server that fuels and empowers the business with an efficient and solid platform. Mark IV succeeds Mark I, Mark II and Mark III and caters to businesses expansion operations.

The Mark IV dedicated server module is geared with RAM up to 48 GB, 2500 GB Data Transfer option, 160 GB Disk and a 24X7X365 Support Package. The high end dedicated hosting option includes 4 SATA or SAS disks of up to 1TB each and RAID. It supports CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and Windows operating systems and is offered with a Hardware Replacement Guarantee. www.nethosting.com has a successful track record of and extends its 100% Customer Guarantee to the Mark IV dedicated server hosting package. It is also packed with Intel XEON Dual Quad Core 2.0 Ghz CPU for enhanced speed.

Priced reasonably, Mark IV can be ordered online. As a Nethosting.com, the client has access to a quality products and dependable services. The company has made efficient customer service and client satisfaction is the foundation of its success. In addition to its 24X7X365 support team, the customer has the advantage of using On-line chat, phone support, control panel support, remote hands and 100% Uptime guarantee.

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