Asks Staff for Eco-Friendly Commuting, after France’s Oil Debacle urges employees to use public transit in response to the fuel crisis in France. Writers have’s support to make this work.

The recent events in France have presented a stark vision of what life is like in a developed country when the fuel spigot is turned off, for whatever reason. This appalling situation has prompted management to ask once again that employees try to make the switch to less fuel consumptive commuting. This might mean public transit, or bicycling, or serious carpooling, or ride sharing with folks from other nearby businesses, or using shoe leather. In any case, wants to encourage and support our staff in avoiding the one-person-one-car model for commuting.

The logistics are not entirely straightforward. Public transit is less reliable and flexible than having the old beater in the parking lot. Bicycling and walking, especially in hot weather, leave most of us a sweaty mess. The complexities of kid transportation often rule out public transit entirely.

Maybe, with some thoughtful planning, can reduce some of the inconveniences to a manageable level. We are certainly committed to trying. At the least, we can spotlight and honor staffers who do, indeed, manage to use public or alternative transportation. Perhaps in writing about their example, other employees might be inspired.

This is but one of many innovative efforts has made to reduce the company’s ecological footprint. You can read much more about our other initiatives by visiting our website,

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