Sets Up Room for Stress Relief: Writers’ Productivity Will Benefit

Staff at have a new ‘perk’. Plants, music, pleasant lighting, and soundproofing make our recently renovated ‘quiet room’ a haven for stress relief. Writers (and other staff) can take refuge in this serene spot when the pace slackens, but the brain continues to buzz. We hope that this decompression area will allow them to return to their academic writing with renewed energy and focus.

We have added sound absorbing wall panels, and finished the surfaces in soothing colors. There is a small garden’s worth of house plants, chosen for their pollution absorbing qualities, and a no-loud-music rule. In fact, we are trying to limit the ambient sounds to classical music and recordings from nature, such as birdsong and waves. If the room’s decor weren’t so effective, and recommended by psychological professionals, some writers might be amused by it. However, they’ve all checked it out, and they stuck around for longer than strictly necessary, if they were simply looking. They emerge looking noticeably calmer, and we look forward to the work they produce for our customers as a result.

Plenty of other company news on how we keep our writers at peak efficiency, in spite of this pressure cooker business, is available at We have a list of all the academic support services we offer, and samples of the our staff’s writing there as well.

About Us:

Our staff has a terrific work ethic; they put the customer first, and their own comfort second. This is why management takes care of our writers so assiduously. They can help customers with the full range of writing projects, whether from start to finish, or simply an edit.

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