Bloomberg Says He Knew Of Discrimination Accusations Before Lawsuit Filing

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – Billionaire New York mayor Michael Bloomberg said Thursday he is still closely involved with the financial information company he left years ago to run for office, and he indicated he knew Bloomberg LP was being accused of discrimination before a lawsuit was filed against it last week, ABC reports.

The billionaire, a potential presidential candidate who’s in his second term as mayor, said the company he founded had informed him that “somebody had an allegation and that they were going to vigorously defend it,” a statement that appeared to conflict with his initial claim last week that he didn’t know anything about the accusations.

An aide said later that Bloomberg, who retains a 68 percent stake in Bloomberg LP, likely was told that there were claims being made against the company but did not know the details.

Asked last week what he knew about the lawsuit, in which the federal government alleged a pattern of discrimination against pregnant women and new mothers, Bloomberg said: “Nothing whatsoever,” adding that he hadn’t worked at the company “in an awful long time.”

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