Boat Your Way Through Your Vacation In Paris

Ask any well-informed traveler, any tourist guide or any local Parisian who knows his city well enough and each one of them will tell you that if, during your tour of Paris, you haven’t had the experience of enjoying a ride in a luxury boat down Seine River or Paris’ miles-long network of canals, then you missed out on quite a lot! Open up any tourist guide book for Paris and nestled amidst the must-do “museum visits” and “shopping”, “boating” will definitely catch your eye.

There is quite a large number of companies that offer boat tours all around the year. The huge variety of boats available does not make budget an issue. Besides that, tours vary as well. You can opt for a tour that focuses on Paris’ cultural sights and history, or you can simply rent a lunch or dinner cruise. The choice of boat and tour is always up to you but what we can guarantee is that the tour will be a one-of-a-kind experience, a most romantic memory that you will cherish forever!

It is not only the tourists who are grateful to River Seine, rather this river served as the source of food, trade and income for most of the population of Paris, back in the days before skyscrapers marked the skyline. And for this purpose, the majority population of Paris used to own barges, instead of fancy little boats. But, as the times passed and the river became more of a tourist domain than a trading corridor, these barges found new purpose for existence: Voila! You have the houseboats.

These rental barges cum houseboats have gained much popularity among the tourists and travelers who want to have a truly poetic experience in Paris. It is beyond doubt an unparalleled adventure, being lulled to sleep by the uneven rocking of the boat under you, waking up to the sound of water splashing against the wooden sides of your moving bedroom, or sitting on the edge of your houseboat, your feet dipped in the clear blue waters of one of the world’s most prosaic rivers. Once you have had such an association with River Seine or the canals that snake their way through the bustling city of Paris, you will realize the answer to why did all the poets and writers fuss over this river so much?

Fully furnished rental houseboats and barges are available for tourists and travelers in variable sizes, for individual guests and families, suiting the needs of all kinds of people who are looking forward to lifelong memories of their time in Paris. Some of these are quite luxurious and offer a proper “vacation” feeling to those who want a break from their nine to five routines. On the other hand, those tourists who want to travel around for the sake of the experiences that only a true traveler can gain, prefer to rent houseboats that are furnished on the principle of simplicity and are available on a much lower price, too. bateau paris, location de salles paris. For more visit

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