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Business just got a lot easier with the new build a website section courtesy, the small business owner’s guide and savior. Known for their innovative reviews and business tools, the site has profiled popular online website builders so that customers can assess in detail what works best for them. That’s not all; they have already created a guide called the best website builder which helps even a novice learn the ropes of this seemingly difficult task. It takes the user through 3 essential steps of choosing a builder, building and then finally promoting the website.

The user starts off by making a simple choice in the kind of website design they seek – Business or e-commerce. Depending on the kind of website they need, they then learn the basics of how to build a website and the best service provider for the same. The site gives some great free tools that include Google analytics, pingdom and concept feedback as well. In a nutshell, they literally handhold you through the complete website design process in a way that you understand the rationale of each and every step that you take, something that every business owner should make it a point to know.

While their `Build a website’ section has been well received, the site is well known for its coverage of several other business requirement tools like email software, online faxes and business cards. The difference in the reviews is that all information is provided in a comparative grid which makes it easy for the user to see exactly what they are comparing without getting overwhelmed by sales jargon. Its nifty new home page design also arranges information so that whatever you may need is not more than a click away. Users also have the option to subscribe to a newsletter to receive updates in their mailbox. Easy buy options on each page make it possible to order whatever that you may finally decide on as right for your business needs.

In short – a one stop solution for all basic business tools at the best possible deals.

About is a comparison site that helps business owners compare prices and features of leading service providers for website building, business cards, email marketing software and other essentials to start up a business. The company works on the rationale that small businesses need to be able to buy the best quality materials at the cheapest possible rates in order to do justice to the limited funds that they have. They are also unique in their attempt to present all resources in the best possible way in order that business owners spend the minimum time away from their core processes.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to build a website or any other tools for your business needs, you can read more about them at the given link.


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