Burn Injury Lawsuit Information

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When facing severe injury due to electricity, fire, or scalding there is a significant need for medical attention. This could be immediate to take care of triage and long term care to deal with skin grafts and rehabilitation. No matter what the case, severe burns can cause issues from scarring to disfigurement. When you are facing the reality of dealing with such an injury, make sure that you have the best in legal and medical care.

The cost of medical care can cascade throughout the rest of your life. In order to deflect on the cost of immediate care and long term rehabilitation, the correct steps must be taken. The cost of such treatment could be far more than your family could bear. Due to this, the need for a legal advocate is second to none. Ehline Law, based across Southern California, is able to work on behalf of its clients and determine the best course to proceed.

The Ehline Law Firm PC is made up of experts in personal injury, specializing in burn injuries discussed here. We have seen many similar cases over the years and have fought for our clients through thick and thin. Our rapport with our clients leave them our friends. We make sure to work on contingency, not asking for any money unless we recover for you. We can assist in finding doctors to treat you, funds to take care of bills even if you do not have health insurance, and recover for your pain and suffering.

If you have to deal with severe burns, there is a high chance that you will need significant medical care. This could include the need for skin grafts and/or plastic surgery. In rare cases you may need amputation. You may also face the effects of disfigurement and the social effects thereof. You may be unable to work and have to deal with loss of income or disability. If your insurance company does not want to assist we can work with them or challenge them. We can also bring a case against the negligent party that led to the burn injury in the first place. This can not only assist in paying for your mounting medical bills but also help prevent such an event from happening again.

No matter what the cause, let Ehline Law assist you through this hard time. Call us today for more information or to set up a free consultation.

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