California Driving Records Not Available On The Internet


Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2009

California Driving Records Not Available On The InternetAsk A California Attorney Michael Ehline.

Q: Is It possible to obtain a copy of my California driving record on the Internet?

A: Ehline; At this time is not possible to obtain California driving records on the Internet, and this is because of the risk for identity theft. In the state of California Department of Motor Vehicles is working on a safe process to establish identity and when this is in place drivers will then be able to access her own records securely.

Q. In the case of an accident at a red light and I get rear ended will I need to report it to DMV even if all information is exchanged?

A: In most cases yes it will need to be reported, if the damages exceed $750. in the state of California it is required by law to file an SR-1 form. Accidents on state streets, highways, freeways and private property must be reported within 10 days to DMV and this includes if there was injury, death or property damage. This is additional to any reports that were filed by law enforcement officials.

Q. There are so many different colors painted on the curbs how will I know what they mean?

A. The answer to this can be found in the California Drivers Handbook. When a curb is painted red it means there is no stopping there at any time, a green painted curb is for limited time parking and yellow is for unloading passengers or freight. The curbs painted white are for dropping off or picking up passengers and a blue painted curb is for the disabled who carry a placard or have special license plates.

Q. What are the requirements or laws for cycles with motors on the streets of California?

A. The operator of a cycle with a motor has the same rights as drivers with vehicles, they also have the same responsibilities, rules and regulations.

Q. If a cycle with a motor such as a Vespa is used in order to save on gas are there certin requirement and laws concerning these cycles? Can they be ridden on the freeways and other highways?

A. This type of cycle must be registered at DMV and the operator must have a Class M1 operator’s license. A driver’s license is not required, however there are regulations that the operator must be at least 16 years of age and al required motorcycle courses must be taken. Another regulation is the operator and passengers must wear helmets when riding on a motorized cycle and they are not permitted on the freeways due to the size of the motor, any engines under 150 cubic centimeters is not permitted on the freeways.

Q. When stopping at a stop sign how long does the law require the stop to be?
A. In the state of California there is no specific amount of time when stopped at a stop sign, however the vehicle must come to a complete stop. a vehicle must also stop before entering a designated crosswalk, or at the limit line, the wide white painted line on the street. If there is no crosswalk the vehicle must stop at the corner.

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