Canon unveils industry’s first single platform to manage all scanning and print processes

Core Facts

Canon Europe, has introduced the industry’s first single platform for the effective management of all scanning and print processes. It is available across Europe from September 2010.

About uniFLOW v5
– As a modular offering, uniFLOW V5 is completely scalable and can meet the needs of all companies, regardless of their size or IT budget.
– Developed by NT-Ware, uniFLOW V5 transforms the way that paper and electronic documents are handled within an office.
– The next evolution allows innovative input management capabilities, thanks to the implementation of I.R.I.S scanning technology.

Improving productivity
– Businesses can boost staff productivity by simplifying and automating common document processes, as well as strengthening information security and tightening the control of print costs through a single platform.

Enhanced security
– uniFLOW V5 continues to integrate seamlessly with Canon’s MEAP devices and allows the introduction of secure print function to non-MEAP enabled Canon multifunctional devices (MFDs) without the need to install additional hardware.
– uniFLOW V5 offers heightened information security, with user authentication; secure print release and restricting the functionality that users can access on the office MFD.
– It can even detect sensitive data, preventing the misuse of confidential information by uniquely identifying keywords in documents.

Offers flexibility
– uniFLOW V5 supports third party applications and hardware, for customers to get more value from their previous investments.
– It is the only offering on the market to provide a truly universal driver, allowing users to change print settings and preview the document at the MFD before processing the job, which is understood and implemented regardless of which networked MFD processes the job.
– uniFLOW V5 can be integrated with Helix Production Workflow to merge office and corporate reprographics departments (CRDs), so print jobs can be routed to ensure that five-page documents are printed at the nearest MFP, whereas a 100-page bound document would be directed to the CRD for a more cost-effective solution.


Paul Rowntree, European Product Sales Marketing Director, Canon Europe

“We understand that our customers want to be able to work with speed and efficiency when they handle documents. With organisations handling an increasing volume of information, there’s a real business need to establish more efficient processes at both the input and output stages.”

“The MFD is the heart of the office and the central hub for the flow of information and documents. uniFLOW V5 is a single management platform that complements the MFD’s central role, enabling businesses to get a grip of cost and security, while providing a boost to worker productivity.”

“With this evolution of the uniFLOW platform, we are empowering businesses to take a firmer control of the costs and security associated with documents, while giving worker productivity a significant boost. With a complete approach to input and output management, uniFLOW V5 represents a new standard for the industry.”

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