Cell Phones Can Cause Serious Injuries

Most Americans now believe that cell phone usage while driving can cause incidents In fact, a new law has just been recently passed banning the use of cell phones while driving because of the increase in accidents. But how many know that cell phones cause more injuries than just auto accidents?

It is rare to even find a person who does not own a cell phone in today’s society, says Michael Ehline, a personal injury lawyer. Laguna Beach residents can be seen walking and talking on their cell phones on the beach, all about town and in their cars. Even young children are given cell phones by their parents. Today it is much easier to keep tabs on our children when they have their own cell phone. They are only a phone call away. So it the risk of cell phone injuries.

Many different types of cell phone are still being recalled by manufactures for safety repairs to the equipment. Overheating of the battery can cause the phone to explode and catch fire instantaneously. Cell phone manufactures do not voluntarily assume liability for these defective batteries. There are many counterfeit batteries on the market and one must determine if that was in the phone or not in each case. There is much confusion over this issue. The counterfeit batteries are thought to be less likely to overheat than the one that came from the manufacturer.

Laguna Beach residents can contact a personal injury lawyer for information if they have had a cell phone explode or catch fire. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer determines eligibility for compensation for injury incurred while using cell phone.

Injuries most commonly happen to the face, neck, hip and legs of the cell phone user.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is working to standardize cell phone batteries in an effort to prevent any further personal injuries while using a cell phone. They would also like to see a warning to the cell phone buyer to be wary of counterfeit cell phone batteries.

Some speculation is that the problem is not the battery at all but the cell phone design that may prevent sufficient ventilation to the battery. They speculate that this is what is causing the overheating. An overheated battery can reach up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit,

Many victims of cell phone explosions report that their phone began making ticking or pinging noises just before it exploded and caught fire. If you ever notice your cell phone making strange noises, put it down and call a qualified repair technician. If you have already experienced an exploding cell phone and need legal representation for your injury claim, please call a Laguna Beach personal injury lawyer. Help with your cell phone injury claim is a phone call away. Call Los Angeles accident attorneys now.

Cell phones have become a problem while driving and are the cause of many accidents. Being involved in an accident with a cell phone user or being the person using the cell phone leads to injuries.



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