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GM Law Firm LLC is an experienced Consumer Law and Debt Resolution firm located in Boca Raton Florida. Their mission is to empower their clients to stand up to debt collector harassment and predatory lenders. Whether their client is a student who has been subjected to both aggressive and abusive lending practices or someone who has financially suffered due to illegal practices, GM Law Firm is qualified to leverage violations of the FDCPA, TCPA, and the FCRA with their clients’ best interests at heart.


No matter how careful one may be with their finances, life circumstances can lead to a place of substantial financial trouble. Even those in good financial standing can often find themselves with debts and subsequently harassed by aggressive debt collectors. Abusive or predatory lending is an unethical loan practice which manipulates the borrower into accepting improper lending terms or acquiring an agreement through unlawful or deceptive means. More often than not, prominent private student loan corporations do not have an individual’s best interests in mind, often times taking advantage of students’ desires for higher education and cheating them out of lower loan repayments.

Often, a private loan servicer will claim to reduce loan delinquency and increase financial security with promises of career stability as they manage to situate themselves as a preferred lender at a well-known postsecondary institution.

These private lenders then go on to take advantage of financial insecurity by preying on schools with extremely low graduation rates, knowing that the students will be unable to repay their balance without a degree and subsequent career. Private loan services are also guilty of issues such as incorrect payment processing, high payment plans, and providing faulty and incorrect information regarding financial aid to borrowers. 


GM Law Firm, LLC helps people who have found themselves in difficult financial situations. The goal at GM is to aid those negatively affected by abusive lenders by providing the industry’s best attorneys who will fight for an individual’s legal rights. 

Senior Partner Chantel Grant is one of those attorneys. She believes that consumer and debt resolution lawyers are more relevant now than ever before. While lenders have been getting away with injustices, more people are starting to take notice. Lenders are now being fined by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Additionally, private student loan and credit card companies are publicly paying fines for unlawfully charging late fees and high interest rates on student loans when there were statutes designed to prevent such fees in the first place. With more of these fines and lawsuits, there is more attention on the field, alerting more people to their own rights.Chantel Grant and GM Law Firm For The People 1

Chantel, along with GM Law Firm LLC, works tirelessly to ensure clients receive the highest quality of service while simultaneously protecting their consumer rights. The motto of the firm is that “every problem is a solution waiting to be found.” And while fairness does not always come easily, Chantel and GM will always find a way, obtaining justice and giving a voice to those who have been cheated and harassed.  

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