Charmglow Heaters: A Preferred Choice

Charmglow heaters are one of the top-rated heaters because the heat from these heaters penetrates throughout the house instead of being trapped in the room where you have placed the heater. These heaters use a blower so that heat circulates in all the rooms and you get the feel of having a fireplace in all your rooms.

The ventless gas heater uses gas for heating. It does not have any vent and so neither does it release any harmful emissions into the air nor does it draw fresh air from outside. These heaters are also known to have excellent fuel efficiency (up to 99.9%).

There Are Several Advantages Of Using Ventless Gas Heaters.

• Ventless heaters are 99.9% fuel efficient
• Ventless heaters reduce your fuel expenses
• Ventless gas heaters are environment friendly
• These heaters do not loose heat and provide better heating than conventional gas heaters.
• Ventless gas heaters are available in several models and variety.

Ventless gas heaters do not have any disadvantages. Proper usage and maintenance of the product increases its performance and life.


One major misconception that people have about the ventless gas heater is that it causes asphyxiation. This is possible only if the room with the heater is not ventilated properly. Another misconception about this product is that the carbon monoxide level increases in the room where the heater is installed. If the room is properly ventilated, carbon monoxide will not accumulate in the room.

Though ventless gas heaters require much higher maintenance than that of conventional heaters, their fuel efficiency and economical usage makes them a preferred choice. In the absence of proper maintenance, ventless gas heaters increase the humidity level of the room.

Types Of Gas Heaters

You can either mount the ventless gas heaters on the wall or keep them in a corner of the room separately. Wall-mounted heaters are not appropriate for small walls. Freestanding heaters do not occupy much space and you can keep them anywhere.

Why Charmglow Heaters?

Charmglow ventless heaters have a blower attached so that a single device can heat your entire home and you don’t have to buy a separate piece for each room. Charmglow heaters are also a great option if you have children because the surface of the heater does not heat up and there is no danger of children getting hurt. Charmglow heaters occupy less space and look nicer than other heaters that are available in market.

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