Cherie Blair’s Law Firm (And Cherie, Too) Are Doing Very Well, Thank You

cherie blair is doing well, thank you.

Cherie Blair, the wife of former British PM Tony, has been doing alright since her husband left Number 10 Downing Street.

Like husband Tony, who has operated lucrative business broking deals and various charitable and peace-keeping missions (the results of which are perhaps less notable), Cherie Blair operates her ultra-private law and strategy firm from the top floor of a building in London overlooking Hyde Park.

As a lawyer who still operates as a barrister and part-time Judge, Cherie Blair is busy.  Making money like her husband but also quietly building up her own empire too.

Sixty-year old Cherie fields a variety of business and charitable activities, as the Daily Telegraph report.  She’s been doing very well, thank you very much.

An analysis by The Telegraph of her various commercial and philanthropic enterprises can disclose that Mrs Blair is having her best year yet.

While Tony Blair spends much of his time criss-crossing the globe securing business deals that have earned him a fortune estimated at £70 million, Mrs Blair, a mother of four, has found herself increasingly occupied with ventures of her own.

Her law firm, Omnia Strategy, of which she is chairman, has opened an office in Washington DC but it also works on cases as far afield as Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon and Cameroon in west Africa.

Unlike most law firms, Omnia does not advertise its telephone number nor its address.

It is registered officially in Baker Street, in central London, in a gleaming office building, although no one at the building’s reception desk was aware of the law firm’s existence.

In fact, the firm’s accountants are based there and Omnia is actually located on the top floor of another building, near Hyde Park. There is no mention of the legal practice on the name plate, either inside or outside.

The firm said its whereabouts were kept secret for “security reasons”.

Its success mirrors that of Mr Blair’s. He too has extensive interests in Africa, including a charity which advises several governments including that of the despotic ruler of Rwanda.

It is understood that Mrs Blair – through her foundation, her law firm and her own private office – now employs almost 50 staff with a wage bill estimated at more than £2 million a year.

Her private office, which mainly answers her post, updates her personal website and arranges her busy diary, employs five people, including a newly appointed chief operating officer on about £80,000. Its total wage bill is estimated at £200,000. Her law firm employs about 15 people and her charity another 25 people.

Read more at The Telegraph.

Cherie Blair then is a busy lady.  Busy and prosperous, building a dynastic empire in the Clinton mould.


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