Classic Wedding Favor Ideas

The most common classic wedding favor (wedding favor, wedding favor boxes) is a chocolate favor or sugared almond or a candle. Who doesn’t love a chocolate? They make the perfect gift for your guests. A large array of wedding chocolate favors can be seen at many shops and stores. These chocolates are made in various shapes and designs. You can also personalize these wedding chocolates. These custom made chocolate favors look very charming and attractive as they are wrapped in lustrous wrapping papers. Besides, making a beautiful and delicious wedding favors, these chocolates also make the most inexpensive wedding favor. And this is the reason that they are preferred by most of the couple as their wedding favors. Fortune cookies are another popular favor. These cookies are available with chocolates too.

Delicate and lovely wine glasses are also an example of the classic wedding favors (wedding favor, bomboniere boxes). Since olden days, these beautiful wine glasses, decorated with colorful ribbons and laces and flowers, are presented to the guests who come to attend the auspicious occasion of a wedding. These wine glasses can be used for a longer period and serve as a remembrance of that that exotic event that they had attended. But wine glasses are not every one’s cup of tea. A common man can not afford these exotic glasses, so these favors are mostly a choice of wealthy couple.

Key chains and photo frames are also has been a classic choice for wedding favors. This type of gifts is also given in a large number. There is a room to write even a personalize message to the guest. The couples can even write a thank you note in such gifts. Photo frames are available in many styles and sizes. Though these gifts would be costlier than the chocolates and cookies but still they remain a favorite choice for favor boxes.

If we talk about some luxurious classic wedding favors, then we have to mention silver souvenirs the first. Silver is a classic and a timeless symbol of elegance and beauty. If you can afford, nothing can beat a silver favor. From centuries, they had been a favorite among class. A shining silver piece will speak of your grand reception for always. A lovely message can be written on it. A silver place card frame, silver photo frame are popular silver wedding favors (wedding favor, wedding favor box). Silver ornaments such as a silver bracelet or other gives a more personalized effect and an impressive gesture.

Wedding favors can be a lot of things but what matters the most is your warm welcome and a great hospitality. How you receive your wedding guests and how you treat them is also very important. An enjoying and friendly ambience makes you an appreciative host. Whether you present an expensive silver item or just a small chocolate wedding favor box, you have to make them feel special at heart.

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