Clifford Chance: What are your hopes and fears for Tech in 2021?

Clifford Chance: What are your hopes and fears for Tech in 2021? 2

Dr. Carissa Véliz, best-selling author of Privacy is Power and an Associate Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for Ethics in AI at University of Oxford, and Jonathan Kewley, Partner and Co-Head of the Tech Group at Clifford Chance provide illuminating answers to this and other insightful questions posed by Clifford Chance associate, Herbert Swaniker in the first of Clifford Chance’s annual Tech Predictions video​ series for 2021.

Carissa, Jonathan and Herbert discuss their hopes and fears for data​, AI​ and digital​ regulation​ including the potential for a US Federal privacy law, the need for privacy diplomacy across all regions of the world and their hopes for greater corporate and governmental transparency of how data is used. Jonathan and Carissa also express their fears of the UK becoming a data​ haven in 2021 and the possibility that individuals more than large conglomerates will become the targets of cyberattacks in 2021. They also discuss AI, predicting an acceleration in businesses performing Tech and AI audits this year as well as a need for randomised control trials for newly developed AI.

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