COLCHESTER, Conn., July 24, 2004 – LAWFUEL – See LAWFUEL PRESS RELEASES for today’s law announcements
The law firm of Scott + Scott,
LLC announces that it entered its appearance on July 14, 2004 in a case
against Daimler Chrysler AG. This securities fraud action is on behalf of all
persons or entities who are NOT citizens or residents of the United States and
who purchased or acquired securities of Daimler Chrysler AG between November
17, 1998 and November 17, 2000. These securities must have been purchased or
acquired on any securities exchange NOT based in the United States.

In 2000, a separate securities class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of
foreign and domestic investors against DaimlerChrysler (the “2000 lawsuit”)
pertaining to the same allegations at issue in this action. DaimlerChrysler AG
recently settled the 2000 lawsuit for $300 million. Foreign investors were
excluded from the class settlement, and therefore will not receive any of the
$300 million recovered. Scott + Scott is litigating to obtain a monetary award
on behalf of these foreign investors.

With two days (2) left to sign with the firm, you can contact the firm by
e-mailing or about this matter.
You can also fax information to 619/296-9770. You can reach a Scott + Scott
attorney directly at 619/251-0887. Scott + Scott, LLC entered its appearance
in a class action lawsuit that was filed in the United States District Court
for the District of Delaware against defendants DaimlerChrysler AG, Daimler-
Benz AG and various of DaimlerChrylser’s top executives for securities fraud
in violation of the federal securities laws on May 24, 2004. The lawsuit was
filed on behalf of non-United States citizens and non-United States residents
(“foreign investors”) who owned shares of Chrysler that were converted to
DaimlerChrysler AG shares during the 1998 merger of the companies and such
persons who purchased or otherwise acquired shares of DaimlerChrysler AG, Inc.
(“DaimlerChrysler” or the “Company”)(NYSE: DCX) during the period from on or
about November 17, 1998 through November 17, 2000, inclusive (the “Class
Period”), and were damaged thereby.

The lawsuit charges that Defendants misrepresented the nature of the 1998
merger between Daimler-Benz AG and the Chrysler Corporation. According to
plaintiffs, defendants framed the transaction as a “merger of equals”, rather
than an acquisition, in order to avoid paying an “acquisition premium”.
Plaintiffs’ Complaint alleges that Defendants made this representation to
Chrysler shareholders in the Registration Statement, Prospectus, and Proxy,
leading 97% of Chrysler shareholders to approve the merger. The Complaint
further alleges that the Defendants made various misrepresentations after the
merger to further their scheme.

If you are a foreign investor who bought or otherwise acquired shares of
DaimlerChrysler AG over a non-United States based exchange between November
17, 1998 and November 17, 2000 and sustained damages, you may, no later than
July 25, 2004, contact Scott + Scott to sign with the firm as a class
shareholder or possibly be a lead plaintiff. As there are only two days away,
you may contact an attorney directly at 619-251-0887. Or you may contact by
e-mail. Information can then be e-mailed or faxed directly to you. There are
no fees or costs in obtaining this information.

Scott + Scott, LLC, a Connecticut-based law firm with offices in Ohio and
California, is a law firm with a national practice and reputation. Scott +
Scott has dedicated itself to client communication and satisfaction.

The firm is currently litigating major securities, antitrust and employee retirement
plan cases throughout the United States and represents pension funds,
charities, foundations, individuals and other entities worldwide — in both
class and non-class cases. Please visit our website at to learn more about the firm, its practice and
other cases. If you wish to discuss this action with an attorney or have any
questions concerning this notice, your rights or any matter within our
expertise, please contact attorney Neil Rothstein at or by calling 1/619-251-0887. The regular numbers
are as follows: 1/800-404-7770 (EDT) or 1/800-332-2259 (PDT). You can dial
direct in California at 1/619-233-4565. Scott + Scott, LLC is located at 108
Norwich Avenue, Colchester, CT 06415; phone: 860/537-3818; fax: 860/537-4432.
This release is issued in accordance with the applicable federal law of the
United States. The firm is presently also litigating matters against Yukos
Oil, Halliburton, ImClone, Royal Dutch/ Shell Petroleum and more.

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