Colin Craig’s Latest Law Action: A New Appeal and a New Lawyer

Colin Craig's Latest Law Action: A New Appeal and a New Lawyer 1

Eternal litigator Colin Craig returns to court – yes, again – with an appeal against the judgment last month from Justice Kit Toogood who found that Craig was defamed WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater, although no damages were awarded because there was no reputational damage to Craig other than from his own actions.

Justice Toogood also found that Mr Craig was guilty of moderately serious sexual harassment of his former press secretary, Rachel MacGregor.  The relationship between the two was the subject of the Slater blog posts.

Cameron Slater counter-sued Mr Craig for statements he made in a leaflet sent  to 1.6 million households around the country in 2015.

New Lawyer

Colin Craig, who has most recently represented himself in proceedings, has retained the services of senior defamation lawyer Julian Miles QC, (left) instructed through Chapman Tripp (Thomas Cleary & Justin Graham).

Craig had previously used Stephen Mills QC in his defamation action against Taxpayers Union founder Jordan Williams, which resulted in the country’s largest-ever defamation award against Craig and which was also appealed.

The appeal traverses the grounds of infighting within the Conservative Party that Craig then lead, along with financial and relationship issues between the parties, including Craig’s alleged attitude towards women, with one claim relating to a claim that the Justice Toogood decision incorrectly held that Craig displayed ‘extremely poor and disgusting behaviour towards women’.

The Notice of Appeal claims that an award of damages should have been made by the Judge with Craig having been successful in five causes of action and  damages were payable “per se”.

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