Commission Selects Epitiro to Monitor Broadband Quality

LAWFUEL – The New Zealand Legal Jobs & News Wire – The Commerce Commission announced today it had selected Epitiro Technologies Ltd to provide data to measure the quality of the broadband services being provided in New Zealand.

Telecommunications Commissioner, Dr Ross Patterson said “As the industry moves into a period of considerable change, it is critical that the Commission has robust data to measure the impact of competition in broadband offerings. Epitiro’s service will allow us to measure the quality of broadband being provided to end-users.”

Epitiro will be providing data on up to ten of the largest ISPs from multiple sites around the country. Additionally, from early next year, Epitiro will be providing New Zealand consumers with the opportunity to measure their ISP performance from their own PC.


A sector monitoring provision in the Telecommunications Act 2001, giving the Commission increased monitoring responsibilities, came into force on 22 December 2006.

9A Functions of Commission in relation to sector monitoring and
information dissemination

(1) In addition to the other functions conferred on the Commission by this Act, the Commission–

(a) must monitor competition in telecommunications markets and the performance and development of telecommunications markets; and

(b) may conduct inquiries, reviews, and studies (including international benchmarking) into any matter relating to the telecommunications industry or the long-term benefit of end-users of telecommunications services within New Zealand; and

(c) must make available reports, summaries, and information about the things referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b).

(2) The function in subsection (1)(c) does not require the Commission to release all documents that the Commission produces or acquires under this section.
Epitiro Technologies Ltd is a UK based company with experience in internet performance benchmarking.

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