Company Established New Lab to Extract Backup Files Expeditiously

Gothenburg, Sweden, August 02, 2011: – SysTools happily announce about the establishment of new branch for BKF repair tool to Extract Backup Files, inauguration ceremony of which took place few days before. The inaugural ceremony was attended by whole SysTools group in Madrid, Spain where the branch is laid down. Work, that was being carried out earlier in the other branches for advanced BKF recovery will be carried out here along with different developmental operations like website creation, content writing would be performed so that users can avail benefits of this Windows recovery tool to get answers to their queries like how to recover corrupt BKF file. Lunch of new branch simply notifies development of the company.

Evan Swans happily says: “Exploitation of any company is not possible without hard work of their team members and I give credit of success of this company to the team. The decision to establish a new branch was taken because of ever increasing demand of BKF Recovery software and to do more research work for improving the software for user satisfaction.”

Lab Director , SysTools Group Allegan states: “For exploring more about the new techniques that increases decreases work efficiency of users, new teams have been appointed the branch. When both the branches in Spain and Gothenburg work together, it will surely yield good results. In the coming time, we will work for the betterment of the products to provide our users with excellent results to repair BKF files created by NTBackup utility and VERITAS backup. ”

Joseph Cain, Head of Support Department says:”We feel glad to announce about the new branch that has been set up in Madrid for enhancement in NTBackup repair and VERITAS backup recovery. We are completely boosted up to provide users assistance regarding new technologies that will soon be embedded in BKF recovery software to extract backup files. ”

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