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No more toiling away trying to make sense comparing prices of TurboTax with taxact or h&r block with completetax. At the click of a button, the new system developed by gives users everything they need to know about their preferred tax companies. At a glance, they can see the costs associated and the parameters that are most important to them and make an informed choice.

Tax software companies like TurboTax have a lot to benefit from this new system as it will allow consumers to fully appreciate the great advantages accruing to them by subscribing to online tax software. So far tax service buying has been almost like a maze with different companies using different formats to showcase their strongest features. This system, introduced by, simplifies the user’s task by creating an easy to use comparison matrix. A mere glance will reveal how each service provider fares as compared to the other basis relevant parameters. Users can focus on the parameters that they need and arrive at a decision which meets their unique requirements.

This is not the first innovation by It has been in the forefront for consolidating and organizing information within the tax community to give its users updated information, news, views as well as best offerings. They include details of all tax preparation software and web based services in order to ensure that consumers can work out the best deal possible.

A spokesperson at the company shared that the site evolved after the owners experienced difficulty in finding software for their own needs. Not only were their personal and business categorizations in available software, there were various combinations of the two. To complicate matters further, there were differences in feature based pricing, add –ons, customer support supported forms and many other kinds of data. It was then that they realized the need for creating a more `edible’ form of information which would allow the consumer to take what they needed without getting overloaded by unnecessary facts and figures. The result, as we see it, is the Tax- site, which is a one stop shop for all the information needs concerning tax service providers.

About is an information service that was created in response to the difficult and even tedious task of comparing the offerings of various tax service providers. It helps consolidate and organize information from top service providers along set parameters, giving the viewer what they call an “apples to apples comparison”. On the basis of this information, the user can take an informed decision after considering the parameters that are important to him / her.

If you are interested in finding out more about TurboTax and other tax return service providers, you can read more about them at the given link.


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